Saffron Ibiza excels in the creation of optimal health foods, always inspired by, and prepared with, the finest local and seasonal ingredients.

Saffron Ibiza places their deeply authentic love for food at the center of their work – for Alex and Dana this is the essential backbone to producing food of such captivating quality.

Dana and Alex draw on their forty combined years spent fully immersed in the food industry, to deliver precision, delicacy, vibrancy and soul to every plate, with their new bespoke catering service Saffron Ibiza.


– Prepared meals delivered to your house or yacht for immediate consumption.

– Ready-to-eat meals, delivered to your home and stored in your
fridge, to be consumed as and when by you and your guests.

– Refined and highly personalised catering for any celebration you
might have, a wedding, birthday party, anniversary, intimate dinner or lunch party.

– Retreat catering – with tailor-made menus to support your concept and the dietary requirements of your guests.

– Health focused snacks or complete catering service offered for Corporate Events or similar.

– Cocktails and canapes, from 15 to 500 guests.

Contact us that together, we can bring your ideas to the table.

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