Saffron Ibiza seamlessly fuses the two minds of Dana and Alex
to manifest a wide variety of services for clients who prioritise health, professionalism and consistency in catering, and have a soft spot for outrageously good food and belly laughter.

Dana Luckmann

Dana is an intuitive chef, whose passion for food has enabled her to accumulate an in-depth and ever-evolving understanding of nutrition, and to take a multi-disciplinary and flexible approach to cooking and wellbeing for the individual. Dana likes to experiment with colour, taste and texture, bringing a playful balance to her food, whilst remaining in-tune with the needs of the body and soul. Dana brings to Saffron over 10 years of experience in catering for some of the most exclusive yoga and meditation retreats here in Ibiza, and able to support with impressive imagination, a wide variety of dietary requirements such as Vegetarian, Macrobiotic, Raw, Vegan, Detox, Keto and Paleo.

Alex Marks

Alex is a highly experienced chef, with thirty years spent working within the hospitality industry. Alex brings to Saffron the intimacy and personability of recipes from the unpretentious, family owned bistro, alongside the indulgent and complex tones of the Michelin starred restaurant (The Square, Maze, Foliage - London) Alex’s kitchen story also brought him To living and working in Asia, and the fine dining standard of some of Asia’s most celebrated five star hotels, enabling him to refine his ability to bring the guest experience to it’s highest level. Finally, Alex’s foundation in classical French training adds a touch of precision and a clear and solid foundation to all aspects of his journey.

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